Easypulse5 Oxygen Conserving Device (540 Nut Style connection)

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Are you looking for a conserver that is easy to use, compact, and is smallest and lightest amoung oxygen conservers available?

Its single dial control and ergonomically designed T-Handle, as well as the tight nut make setting and connecting, the EasyPulse5 is easy to use.

Please Note: A prescription is required for the Easypulse5 Oxygen Conserving Device(540 Nut Style connection).

The EasyPulse5 utilizes Precision Medical’s patented Controlled Minute Volume (CMV) Oxygen Conserving Technology.


Uses CMV Technology.

CMV Technology is the most efficient, reliable and clinically sound available today.

Trigger Sensitivity and Fast Delivery Time.

It’s Technology delivers a pulse algorithm wave form, superior trigger sensitivity and fast delivery time.

All this is accomplished pneumatically with a single lumen cannula.

It Helps Reduce Costs.

With a conserving ratio of up to 5.7 to 1, the EasyPulse5 reduces deliveries and oxygen waste.

Its proven pneumatic reliability, robust design and no batteries required reduce costs.

Compact, Lightweight and Easy.

The smallest and lightest oxygen conserver available, as little as 9.8 oz.

Single dial control and the ergonomically designed T-Handle/Hand

Tight nut make setting and connecting the EasyPulse5 easy for any patient.

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