G5™ Respiratory Therapy Package

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G5® Brand Percussion Modalities are designed to treat patients of all ages who have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or irregular breathing or coughing patterns.

Our percussion modalities serve as adjuncts to therapists in performing pulmonary drainage procedures, which aid in lung ventilation and pulmonary hygiene by helping to remove accumulated secretions that cause increased airway obstruction, resistance and infection.


Directional Stroking:

G5® Brand Percussion Modalities are the only percussors which provide Directional-Stroking® and Directional Percussion™ in order to help to dislodge and liquefy viscous secretions, and are the only percussion products that offer directional control in the movement of secretions toward the upper airway.

Directional control is a primary consideration, since transient hypoxia and dyspnea can be caused by stagnated secretions in the major bronchi.

Advantages of G5® Brand Percussion Modalities:

Consistent Postural Drainage- G5® percussors never tire while uniformly providing Directional Percussion™.

Comfort for the patient:

G5® Directional-Percussion™ technology combines vibration and percussion, to create a powerful yet comfortable gyratory pulsation.

Variable settings:

Precise controls enable you to alter the depth of penetration to meet the needs of individual patients.

Techniques that are quickly mastered:

As an extension of your hand, operating a G5® Directional Stroking® percussor is intuitive.





Chronic Bronchitis.

Chronic Emphysema.

Chronic Pneumonia.

Cystic Fibrosis.

Geriatric Conditions.

Occupational Lung Diseases.



The Respiratory Therapy Package includes the following applicators:

 Right Angle Percussion Adaptor

Small Sponge - 2 5/8"

Large Sponge - 3 1/2"

Large Round Firm Rubber

Curved Sponge

Large Plastic Applicator Cover (1)

Small Disposable Applicator Covers (25)

Medium Disposable Applicator Covers (50)

Large Disposable Applicator Covers (25)

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