HELiOS® H36/H46 Liquid Oxygen Reservoirs

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The HELiOS® family of liquid oxygen reservoirs sets the standard for efficiency, quality and reliability for long-term oxygen therapy.

HELiOS portable units are specifically designed for use with HELiOS reservoirs.

Please Note: A prescription is required for the HELiOS® H36/H46 Liquid Oxygen Reservoirs.


High Capacity and Low Loss Design:

The high capacity, low-loss design allows the unit to last up to 6 weeks between refills.

Proprietary, high-capacity, low-loss system reduces oxygen deliveries to as few as eight per year.


The HELiOS reservoir family set the standard for efficiency, quality, and reliability for long-term oxygen therapy.

10 LPM continuous flow capability with accessory flow controller.

High Quality and Reliability:

Built-in remote oxygen content telemonitoring operation, including LED content indicator.

Recessed moisture container.

Companion® Liquid Oxygen Reservoirs offer high quality and reliability.

Rugged and Easy to Use:

The proven vessel design of these reservoirs is rugged and easy to use.

Low Maintenance and Long Life:

Low maintenance and long life make them cost-effective to own.


The Companion reservoirs are compatible with all Companion Portable Liquid Oxygen Units.

Other Features:

  • Low maintenance; no batteries required.
  • Enhanced insulation system decreases evaporative oxygen losses.
  • Built-in flow control valve provides 11 standard settings from 1/4 to 6 LPM.
  • Mechanical contents indicators give reliable reading of remaining oxygen levels.

Technical Specifications:

Reservoir Capacity:

H36, H46 LOX (lb) 85,110

Gaseous equivalent (liters): 29,069, 37,619

Weight, filled (lb): 135, 170

Weight, empty (lb):  50, 60

Height inclunding handle (inches): 33.5, 37.5

Diameter (inches): 15.4,15.4

Operating pressure (psig): 22, 22

Typical fill time, warm (seconds): 3-10, 3-10

Normal evaporation rate (lbs per day):

Typical 1.2,1.2 Maximum 1.5,1.5

Typical use time at a setting of 2 LPM:

Continuous flow (hours): 242, 313

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