Resmed™ Slimline™ Tubing

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ResMed offers you the SlimLine tube, exclusive to the S9 Series. It is 40% lighter than other conventional tubing, more comfortable, easier to sleep with, and is very travel friendly.

Tubing has remained relatively unchanged for 20 years – until now.  

The S9 presents a revolution in technology with its exclusive SlimLine tube, with the new, easy breathe motor.

Please Note:  A prescription is required for the ResMed SlimLine tubing.


The SlimLine tube is unbelievably light, slim, flexible tube and travel friendly.

Smaller, slimmer & sleeker

Compared to most traditional tubing, the SlimLine tube is 40% lighter, 14% thinner and takes up 35% less space.

Never be "anchored" to the bed by your heavy tube again.

You can move more in bed without creating mask leaks.

You can have the same tube length without the bulk.

The result - greater sleeping comfort.

Smart-fit cuff design

The SlimLine also has a new smart-fit cuff design that makes it easier to attach and remove the tube.

Air tubing specifications:

ClimateLine air tubing:

Flexible plastic and electrical components, 6’2” (1.89 m), 15 mm inner diameter.

SlimLine air tubing: Flexible plastic, 6’ (1.83 m), 15 mm inner diameter.

Standard air tubing: Flexible plastic, 6’6” (2 m), 19 mm inner diameter.

Maximum ClimateLine temperature: 86°F (30°C).

Heated tubing temperature cut-out: 106°F (41°C).

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