Salter-Style® 1600HF High Flow Cannula

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At last.....a way to maintain adequate oxygen saturation for those special high flow needs without using a mask.

Now many that use face masks and elevated flow rates, can enjoy all the comfort of a Salter-Style® Cannula and maintain target O2 saturation levels.

Please Note: A prescription is required for the Salter-Style® 1600HF High Flow Cannula.

The new Salter-Style® Adult High Flow Cannula (#1600HF) features special larger bore safety channel head set tubing with an enhanced reservoir face piece.

The comfort and convenience of Salter-Style® plus extra flow performance.

An enhanced facepiece, larger three channel head tubing and special fittings allow flow rates up to 15 LPM.

“The Cannula that acts like a Mask” Performance, comfort and long term wearability of this cannula virtually eliminates the need for masks to deliver high flow oxygen (up to 15 LPM).

It increases your comfort by allowing you to eat, drink, talk and take oral medications including nebulizer treatments without assistance.

The end result can be a reduction in care giving costs.

It incorporates all of the unique design features that have made Salter-Style® cannulas the worldwide standard for comfort and efficiency.

1600HF Cannulas are anatomically shaped with soft, curved nasal prongs to provide genuine long-term “wearability comfort”.

New, bright green supply tubing alerts attending personnel that a high LPM flow oxygen cannula is in use.


  • Delivers oxygen flows up to 15 LPM
  • Seamless, extra soft, reservoir facepiece anatomically contoured to fit upper lip
  • Provides long term wearability and comfort
  • Bright green supply tubing from the cannula to oxygen source
  • Visually alerts attending care givers that a high flow cannula is in use


  • Virtually eliminates the need to use face masks to achieve desired O2 saturation.
  • Special three channel headset tubing with enhanced reservoir facepiece.
  • Improves cannula high flow performance with quieter operation.
  • Unique, rectangular style head set tubing slide bolo.
  • Allows easy, secure adjustment and fit for optimum comfort.

Adult size only.

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