Salter-Style® Conventional Cannula

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In some cases a conventional style Cannula may be more comfortable for those with very sensitive skin or allergies.

Our cannula line includes an extensive selection of oxygen cannulas ranging in sizes from Premature to Adult, covering flow rates from 3 LPM up to 15 LPM.

Latex Free.

Please Note: A prescription is required for the Salter-Style® Conventional Cannula.

In our continuing commitment to manufacture the finest products themarketplace has to offer, Salter Labs®provides the most complete range of cannulas.


Conventional cannula with non-flared tips.

Made of soft material.

Adjustable tubing fits comfortably over the ears to hold the cannula firmly in place.

Provided with standard smooth bore tubing in 7' or 16' lengths.

Please Note:   Our cannulas are available with a wide range of tubing lengths and an assortment of end fittings.

Please Note: Many of the Salter-Style® cannulas are also available in the TLCannula™ version, which incorporates pre-installed soft foam ear cushions on the headset tubing to reduce over the ear irritation and discomfort.

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