Salter-Style® TLC Cannula™

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The Salter-Style® TLC Cannula™ combines all the Salter-Style® comforts with the E-Z wrap™ soft, closed cell, foam cushion assembled on the head tubing.

This Cannula provides a new dimension in comfort for the user's sensitive over the ear tissue.

It is available in adult size only and three flow ranges. Latex Free.

Please Note: A prescription is required for the Salter-Style® TLC Cannula™.


  • Salter-Style® cannula with soft foam cushions placed over the head set tubing.
  • Cushions are installed during the assembly process.
  • The TLC cushions move easily back and forth on the head set tubes.
  • Unique, patented, anatomically correct face piece design.
  • TLCannulas™ are available in a wide selection of popular Salter-Style cannulas.


  • Easy for patient to reposition for the most comfortable and secure fit.
  • Provides a more “natural” fit, and reduces patient anxiety.
  • Easy to find a comfortable fit and reduces unnecessay time consuming service visits.
  • Provides maximum comfort for the LTOT patient using either a dual port, portable or stationary conserving device.

Please Note:  Now available in a dual port demand type cannula.

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